Some of the most famous players in tennis history have honed their skills on area courts and received instruction from some of the sport's greatest legends.  Because we are blessed with excellent, year-round good weather, there's nothing stopping you from getting out and improving your ground stroke, serve or volley.  Whether you're looking to pick up a match near the Gulf or on a well-lit, Har-Tru court with downtown Sarasota nightlife as your backdrop, the area abounds with courts, players and instructors that will satisfy every skill level.


For more information, contact Sarasota County Parks & Recreation at
or call 941-861-5000

Arlington Park Facility
2650 Waldemere St.
4 lighted courts

Colonial Oaks Park
5300 Colonial Oaks Blvd.
2 lighted courts

Fruitville Park
5151 Richardson Road
2 lighted courts

Gillespie Park
710 N. Osprey Ave.
3 courts

Longwood Park
6050 Longwood Run Blvd.
2 courts

Robert L. Taylor Community Center
1845 34th St.
2 lighted courts

Newtown Estates Park
2800 Newtown Blvd.
2 lighted courts

Payne Park Tennis Center
2050 Adams Lane
9 green clay lighted courts

Pioneer Park
1121 Cocoanut Ave.
1 court

Potter Park
8587 Potter Park Dr.
4 lighted courts

Riverview Tennis Courts
Riverview High School
8 lighted courts

Siesta Beach
948 Beach Rd., Siesta Key
4 lighted courts

Twin Lakes Park
6700 Clark Rd., Sarasota
2 courts

Youth Athletic Complex
2810 17th St., Sarasota
2 lighted courts


Foxworthy Campus
1101 Gulf Coast Blvd.
2 courts

Hecksher Park
450 W. Venice Ave.
2 lighted courts

Laurel Park
9 Collins Rd., Laurel
2 lighted courts

Pinebrook Park
1251 Pinebrook Road
2 lighted courts

Pine View Tennis Courts
Pine View School
6 lighted courts

Shamrock Park
4100 W. Shamrock Dr.
4 courts

Woodmere Park
3951 Woodmere Park Blvd.
6 lighted courts

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