Archery has been a part of civilization since, well, before we were very civilized! From survival skills to warfare life depended on being a good archer. Today archery is primarily a recreational sport that many find challenging and fun. It's a sport for the whole family. Today most archers use recurve and compound bows.

The most popular form of competitive archery is called target archery. The objective is hit a target accurately from a given distance. Field archery is a variatio where the targets are set at different distances in wooded setting. Tournament rules vary from one organization to another, but the International Archery Federation is the biggy and it is known as FITA.The Olympics has archery competitions and the rules are based on rules from FITA.

There are many different resources available to learn archery -- and many are free!

Bows and arrows are available in many different price ranges. But be cautious about buying the very cheapest equipment. Poorly designed or manufactured equipment can make it more difficult to learn and shoot accurately.

There are many different resources available to learn archery and a few folks in Sarasota County who know about equipment, competition, and where to go.

Check It Out!

Cook's Sportland
Eric or Malcolm
4419 Tamiami Trail South
Venice Florida
Phone: 941-493-0025

Archery & Accessories, Camping Equipment, Clothing: Camoflage and Western, Canoes & Kayak sales, Fishing Tackle, Golf, Guns & Ammo, Shuffleboard

Knights Trail Park
3445 Rustic Road
Nokomis FL

Knights Trail Park is located off of Rustic Road in Nokomis. Within the parks 271 acres several activities are available to the public including archery, hiking, camping and the shooting sports.

Sarasota Archery Club
4570 17th St.
Sarasota FL
Phone: 941-377-7005

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