Protection On The Water

Look over the water and on any day you can see people sailing, water skiing, power boating, yachting and paddling. As they say on Sesame Street, "Some of these things are not like the others" so let's be safe and courteous out there.

Please don't drink and boat.

If you are going out in the Gulf of Mexico, tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Don't forget to bring water, sunscreen and a hat. The Sarasota chapter of the United States Power Squadron (USPS) is among the biggest and most active in the nation. They offer safe boating classes that improve your confidence and capabilities on the water.

Most beaches have restricted swimming areas. Only swimmers, no boats. If you plan to come to the beach by boat, be sure to land or anchor outside of the designated “swimming only” areas.

If you find yourself being swept out to sea in a rip current (strong current):
1. Remain calm.
2. Swim parallel to shore.
3. Once out of the current, swim to shore at an angle, not straight in.

If you find yourself in trouble:
1. Remain calm.
2. Call for help.
3. Follow the instructions of a rescuer.


Check It Out!

Florida Marine Patrol

Phone: 941-332-6966

Sarasota County Sheriff Marine Patrol

Phone: 941-951-5800

U.S. Coast Guard

Phone: 941-794-1261

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 87
Englewood Unit
Englewood FL

Located at Lemon Bay Park, Flotilla 87 is a group of volunteers that are dedicated to working with the Coast Guard to promote safe boating. We offer boating education courses at cost of the books, free boat inspections, maintain regular safety patrols on Lemon Bay, and provide SAR operations when required by the Coast Guard.

Wildlife Alert (Reporting Violations)

Phone: 1-800-282-8002

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