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Bay fishing can produce a wide variety of fish. Some can be caught all during the year and others are seasonal and overlap each other. Spotted sea trout are the most plentiful and can be caught year round. Snook, the most popular, are not the easiest to catch, but when they do bite—hold on! During May, June and July, the snook are in their spawning mode, and they congregate around the passes. This is the best time to catch them. After spawning, they move into the bays onto the grass flats. As the weather cools, they move to and up the rivers where they stay ‘til around the first of September. I like to call them the “poor man’s bonefish” because when they’re on the grass flats, tailing and stirring up muds, you can sight cast to them just like bonefish. Flounder, jacks (pound for pound, one of the strongest fighting fish around), grouper, mangrove snapper, ladyfish (also known as the “poor man’s tarpon”), bluefish, sheepshead and pompano are some of the other fish the bays produce.

The passes also produce some fantastic fishing action, with pompano, flounder, snook, redfish and bluefish to name a few.  From rivers and swamps to our beautiful bays, fishing in Florida is amazing. Get out there! What are you waiting for?

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