Fishing Offshore Charters

Offshore, the cobia and kingfish make their yearly migrations. They head north during the spring run (March-April) and south during the fall (October-November). Cobia, being a very strong fish, are great on light tackle. They like to hang around structures, and the near-shore reefs provide such an environment. Usually when you have one on and bring him to the boat, others will follow. They are not real fast, but are very strong and run in size from just a few pounds to over 50 pounds. Most are in the 10- to 25-pound range.

The kingfish, on the other hand, is one of the fastest fish in the water. They start showing up about the same time as the cobia but a little farther out in the Gulf. They can be taken on trolled lures but are much more fun caught with light tackle and live bait. Kingfish range in size from 10-50 pounds.

The largest and most exciting sport fish on the west coast of Florida has got to be the silver king, better known as tarpon. These high-jumping, drag-pulling giants start migrating up the beaches of Sarasota and Manatee counties in mid-April and stay until the July 4 weekend. They range in size anywhere from 75-150 pounds and will congregate in small schools (or pods) waiting to go to deeper water to spawn in mid-July. During these few months, they feed ravenously and will take live baits and flies quite readily. Tight lines everybody!

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CB's Saltwater Outfitters
1249 Stickney Point Rd.
Sarasota Florida 34242
Phone: 941-349-4400

Deep Sea Fishing
1776 Hudson St
Englewood Florida
Phone: 544-6138

Explorer Fishing Charters
1505 Ken Thompson Pkwy.
Sarasota Florida
Phone: 941-376-2714?

FishFactor Charters
1607 Livinstone St.
Sarasota Florida
Phone: 941-966-5662?

Flying Fish Fleet
2 Marina Plaza
Sarasota Florida
Phone: 941-366-3373?

Reelin’ & Chillin’ Charters
3311 7th St.
Sarasota Florida
Phone: 228-7802?

SW Florida Deep Sea Fishing Charters
1968 Tarpon Center Dr.
Venice Florida
Phone: 941-473-4603?

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